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Adding a Random Post Button

Where will it take me?

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Adding Spellcheck

Another thing I should have done sooner

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The Mac in the Sky

Building my site on a cloud Mac

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Fancy Pictures

It goes in and out of dark mode

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Adding Micro Posts

So tiny

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The Network That Isn't

Everyone can join, except everyone

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Making A Simple Link Shortener

That link is too long

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Hugo on a Raspberry Pi 1

This does not taste good

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Time Is Hard

Yesterday was one year ago

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Changing How I Host This Site

Reducing insanity

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To Things From RSS Test Post

Checked luggage costs extra

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Why Not to go Static

I'm not talking about the TV kind

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A Basic Site Template

Where will it take me?

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Adding Tags

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Writing a Post

No pencil needed

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Being Lazy With Shortcuts

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My Website Journey

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You Need a Website

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New New Site

Now with more static

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Turning Off Analytics For Now

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