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Turning Off Analytics For Now

This post is over a year old. The information here may be out of date, and may not reflect my current thoughts or opinions.

For the past month, I’ve been running analytics on both of my websites. The service I’ve been using for this is Plausible.io. I went with them for a couple of reasons. Mainly, they didn’t look hungry for personal data. I’ve been enjoying them quite a lot. They have a good, very easy to use interface. That’s also not over whelming. But, I’m going to be turning analytics off, at least for now.

Why I started

I started using analytics to simply see how many people were going to my site. As well as from what countries. The UK, Poland, Romania, and Czechia, are just a few that have visited my main site. That’s what I’ve been enjoying the most.

Why I’m stopping, for now

Price. That’s it really. I have enjoyed Plausible, and still really like them. However I’m coming up on the end of my free month. And will have to start paying $9/month. Now, I could switch to a different analytics provider. But, I’m not big on a lot of the others I’ve looked at. I don’t want to be one of those sites, that vacuums up every possible bit of user data.

I do plan on firing analytics back up down the line though. Plausible is open source, and you can host it yourself. Something I will do at some point. (You can even run it on a Pi with some work).

So yeah. Plausible has been good and I like it. But it’s not really worth $9/month to have them host it. At least for me.

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