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With me being on a social media break. I still wanted to have some kind of micro blog going. Mostly because it’s pretty fun to look back on. I wanted it to be on here, but I needed an easy way to post from my phone.

Phone Posts

Posting from my phone is kinda hard. Every post on this site starts out as a mark down file. The website you see here, gets generated on my mac, then set to my host. That’s kinda hard to do on a phone.

So I don’t. Yes The micro post gets written on my phone, but it’s sent off to a server, that does the rest. That server, is a Raspberry Pi 5, on my home network.

So, how do I tell the Pi what to do? Simple, a shortcut.

The shortcut

First thing it does, is VPN back to my home network, then it creates a random post id, asks for the post content, then passes that to a bash script that runs over ssh.

#ID is a shorcuts var
#Post is also a shortcuts var

cd /home/pi/websites/NathansSite/Nathans-site
git pull
hugo new content micro/ID/
echo "" >> /home/pi/websites/NathansSite/Nathans-site/content/micro/ID/
printf "Post" >> /home/pi/websites/NathansSite/Nathans-site/content/micro/ID/
rm -rf docs
git add .
git commit -m "Added micro post ID"
git push

This works pretty well. The only downside, is that I can’t easily add a photo. I’m going with the mindset, that if it’s worth a photo, it’s worth a full post. If you want to check it out, its over at /micro. It even has an RSS feed, and reply buttons.

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