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Pain in the Pass

This is an old post from my old hidden blog. This trip will be starting soon, so I’m reposting it here.

I’m flying out in a few months to go skiing in Colorado, at Vail resort. I booked my plane tickets. Now just to get my ski pass. Vail has a, selection of passes to choose from. So many that they offer a “quiz” to find the right one for you.

Out of all the passes, I needed the day pass, but which day pass. One offers just a few resorts to choose from, another gets you more to choose from, and the most expensive one gets you all resorts (except two). Vail was only covered in the top end one. Now I had to choose if I wanted to ski on “priority days”. Then what “pass insurance” type I wanted. How many days I wanted my day pass to be good for. etc.

What happened to skiing. I can just go to my local mountains and not deal with… They got by Vail, so I’d still have to go through all this… Well, at least I’ll be able to to give Vail the finger in person soon.

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