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Why Does Buying Tickets Suck

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As of a few days ago1 the NFL schedule dropped. So I decided to buy a ticket… That was painful.


With the schedule dropping, now is a good time to snag a ticket. With the Ravens being my team, why not hit a home game?

My first thought, was just to go to the Ravens website. That linked me to Seat Geek. They wanted over $350 for two tickets. And you had to buy two. Yeah, no. I’m not paying that.

So I turned to Ticketmaster. Way, way cheaper. Still had to buy two tickets, but that’s not an issue, I have someone who’ll go with me. The issue came at checkout.

When I hit the big buy button, I got denied. My Apple Card wanted to make sure I was the one making the purchase. Alright, no big deal. I hit yes, and went to buy the tickets. This time I got a new error, my tickets expired… What‽

Turns out, Ticketmaster doesn’t reserve your tickets while you’re checking out… Great. I had to go back and pick new seats, and checkout again.

An Easy Win, Maybe

In the end, I did get my tickets. I really forgot how much Ticketmaster sucks. Eventbrite is way better2. This game should be an easy win though, we’ll be playing the skins3. They’ve been in the toilet for a long time, but who knows, they may surprise us.

My seat view, according to Ticketmaster

  1. I think? ↩︎

  2. At least from what I remember. ↩︎

  3. Washington Commanders / Red Skins ↩︎

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