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Pen-Pal Thing

Recently, Kev posted a blog post about wanting pen-pals. He posed an a simple plan.

If you’re interested in taking part, drop me an email using the reply button at the bottom of this post.
We can then agree on a month that works for the pair of us.
At the start of that month (I’ll remind you closer to the time), you send me an email introducing yourself, asking a few questions blah blah, whatever you want.
I’ll then reply that same week and will publish the conversation on this blog for others to enjoy too.
If you have a blog, feel free to do the same.
We will continue this process for the rest of the month, and (hopefully) part ways at the end as friends

This got my interest.

At the bottom of his post. He had a table of months, and people. I noticed that April 2024 was open. So I shot an email

I’m down for April, as that’s also my birthday month. It’ll be cool to chat with someone in the UK who’s also in the security field.

I quickly got an email back. Confirming April. Sick! I’m looking forward to this, and will post the email convocation on my site.

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