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Sending a Flag to Alaska


One of my hobbies is geocaching. And a neat part of geocaching, is trackables. A trackable, in short, is a little trinket with a tracking code. People move trackables from cache to cache, and up date the trackable’s log online. This lets people watch, and see, where a trackable has been.

I’ve had a few trackables in the past, but none really went anywhere. I wanted to change that, even if I had to do it myself.

When I was getting ready for my Denver 2024 trip, I had an idea. To spread the greatest state flag in the union, Maryland. So, I grabbed a keychain flag, and a trackable tag, and made them one.

I made sure to take the trackable to a local-ish cache, to log that it was in Maryland. Then, I flew out to Colorado. My target was Vail resort. There were a few caches on the trails, but I picked one that was behind a big cat. Dropped it off, logged it, and went on skiing.

The Last Frontier

The flag was already over 1,000 miles1 from home. So imagine my surprise when someone moved it to Alaska. Traveling over 3,891 miles. I didn’t expect that.

Trackable travels plotted in Google Earth Pro

The user who moved even posted a picture.

Hopefully it keeps moving. But even if it doesn’t, I’m happy with this.

  1. 1.609344e+8 cm for the didn’t walk on the moon nations. ↩︎

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