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Flight Update 3

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I am now on my way from RDU to DEN.
After everyone getting off at RDU (all but 16), and a headcount was taken, we were able to move seats. I moved from the very back, to the very front. Hoping to make a speedy exit at DEN.

I mentioned at the end of my last post, that my in flight entertainment is a bunch of plane crash documentaries. I downloaded 16 20 - 40 min videos by Green Dot Aviation (fantastic channel). To help make sure the person next to me doesn’t get nervous, I have the videos playing in the mini player in the corner on my mac.

First one I watched was about UPS flight 6, a cargo aircraft that had a cargo fire.
The second one was Swissair flight 111, a flight that had a fire.
The third was about BA 162, a flight that caught… fire…

No, not all of them are about fires, here’s all the ones I downloaded

19 SECONDS from Collision | Easyjet 6074.mp4
315 people TRAPPED inside a Crazy Plane! Qantas 72.mp4
747 in DANGER | The MYSTERY of the world's WORST mid-air collision.mp4
CRASHING 4 minutes after takeoff | Sriwijaya Air 182.mp4
FIRE onboard!? The nightmare of Swissair 111.mp4
HOW did they forget THIS?! Malaysia 134.mp4
INFERNO over Dubai | The Horror of UPS 6.mp4
Plane SNAPS in half over the ocean | The REAL story of South African 295.mp4
Plane catches FIRE over London | BA 762.mp4
SECONDS after takeoff | Air Florida flight 90.mp4
TERRIFYING Dive | What went WRONG??.mp4
This plane RAN OUT of FUEL in the middle of the OCEAN!!.mp4
This plane RAN OUT of fuel mid-flight!.mp4
WHAT caused the WORST single air crash in history?? | Japan Air 123.mp4
WHY did this plane DIVE just before landing? | Icelandair 315.mp4
What REALLY happened Korean Flight 007??.mp4

I won’t be able to post this till a fair bit after I get off the plane1, but this post was written on the plane, and will be date stamped of when I completed it, not when I post it2.

P.S. Noise canceling headphones are not only great for plane noise, but kid noise as well.

  1. Not paying $8 just to post this. ↩︎

  2. Blot let’s me do cool stuff like that. ↩︎

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