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Flight Update 2

This post is over a year old. The information here may be out of date, and may not reflect my current thoughts or opinions.

I am on a plane, crazy I know. First I was scheduled for one flight, then I got bumped to another, but you read that (I hope). When I left off I was at gate B8 at BWI, things changed pretty quick after posting.
I took off from (get it) the gate to use the restroom, when I got back, the flight info display was showing a different flight. What… I pulled out my phone and checked my boarding pass. My gate had changed to A14, halfway across the airport… I had plenty of time to get there, and I got there fine.
I had to wait some more, as the plane at the gate hadn’t left yet, thus mine couldn’t pull in.

But that doesn’t matter now, I’m in the air. and on my way to RDU in NC. Then I’ll be on to DEN.

I’ll try to post this at RDU, don’t know if I’ll be able to, as I’m writing this on my Mac vs my phone. Either way, I’ll mark the post time of when I finished this. Check out the Air Craziness tag on here for the whole thing.

P.S. My inflight entertainment is plane crash documentaries

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