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I’m not new to modded gameboys. I’ve put IPS screens in a DMG and an SP, and I built an all metal gameboy advance. Ive gotten the itch to build a custom GBA again after working on my girlfriend’s GBA, I just need an idea…

This is what I’m thinking. This is made from painting the inside of a clear shell, allowing the supports to still be seen. This isn’t mine it’s a screenshot from this YouTube vid. I’m not going to build the full thing yet, just see if I can make the shell myself.

I ordered a clear replacement shell that’s been pre-modded to take an IPS display, just need to buy some spray paint.

Many days later thanks to USPS, the shell came in the mail. It’s a clear retrosix shell and its one of the better ones I’ve seen

The next thing I needed was some spray paint, so I grabbed my super gameboy, jumped in my car and headed up to the home depot. After looking over the spray paint aisle, they didn’t really have what I was looking for, but I got something close. Oddly, my home state Maryalnd requires you to be at least 18 to buy spray paint. Good thing i’m 25.

This is really my first time spray painting anything, but I have watched some modding vids that go over it. After taping up the outside, cracking the garage door, I got to work. I put down one layer, then another, then another, and waited. After peeling the tape off, it came out pretty good. Some over spray on the edges, but for a first time ensnarement, it went pretty well. I’ll build something in this down the line.

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