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The Prep Run

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Today was prep day. In a few weeks, I’ll be flying out to ski in the rockies. So I needed to do a warm up run.

On the lift

It was about 23F1 at Whitetail Resort. Not my preferred skiing temperature2 but it was good enough. This being the east coast, there wasn’t any snow, it was all ice. The ice coast.

The big “snow” guns you see in the photos, don’t make snow. They make small things of ice. And they are not fun3 to ski in front of.

Over the hill

My friend who lives in Denver, told me to get plenty of turns in. I think I did, but I’ll find out in the morning.

  1. ccccc below zero ↩︎

  2. I prefer a touch colder ↩︎

  3. For most people, and my camera ↩︎

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