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Should Everything Work With Everything?


With recent news, and recent laws (in some places), one idea is starting to take form. That everything, should work, with everything. But should it?

People on social networks like to take things to their logical extremes1. And not in a good way. The good way of doing it, is purely hypothetical, to find where a sweet spot2 might be. People online, like to want the logical extreme. The two extremes in this case, are that nothing works with anything, and that everything works with everything.

Why can’t I use an Apple Watch with my Android, Why can’t I install Android on an iPhone, why can’t I put iOS on an Android, and why the sam hell can’t I put diesel fuel in my Accord! Everything should just work with everything!

If everything just works with everything, why make your product good. Why make it stand out. What’s the point in putting in more, than the minimum amount of effort needed.

Not everything, should work with everything. That’s not to say that nothing should work with anything. Like almost everything in life, the answer isn’t at either logical extreme. It’s somewhere in the middle. And a lot of people online, can’t stand that.

  1. One of the worst parts, of large scale social networks. ↩︎

  2. Or range. ↩︎

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