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The Time I Broke My Foot, and Didn’t Know

It all happened while playing a game of manhunt1. This game was being played indoors, and I was running. Running away from an ambush. I was running back to the safe area, and I was running barefoot2. This, this is where I made a mistake.

I have loose joints. So when kicked someone’s boot at full speed. I thought I just popped some joints in my foot. I do that all the time, no big deal. So, thinking that, I kept playing. For the next half hour, I ran, and hunted man. I stopped when my foot inflated like a balloon. A purple balloon.

A trip to the doctor later, and I was in a boot, with a clean break in my third metatarsal. A simple clean break, just had to take it easy, and use the boot. However, that’s not all I did. After a trip to my uncles house3 (my normal doc). He took one look at my X-ray, and gave me some more news.

The clean break in my third metatarsal, explained the slight pain in the middle of my foot. But what about the pain on the outside of my foot. Turn out, I broke my fifth metatarsal as well. Though, I didn’t do it cleanly. I partially shattered it. Yep, that explained the pain.

With all that, I was told one main thing. Don’t ski for six weeks. This makes sense. The bones need time to heal. And skiing can be pretty hard on joints, and bones. I was skiing at week four. Let me tell you, two broken bone ends moving around, feels pretty wrong.

So yeah, don’t do what I did. Don’t break bones, and don’t run or ski on them.

This happened almost ten years ago, and my foot still complains every now and then. I told that’s normal, and it won’t really stop. Just another reason to not break a bone.

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  1. Think hide and seek, but with violence. ↩︎

  2. I was running barefoot to stay quiet. ↩︎

  3. Family new years party. ↩︎

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