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Stealth Flipper

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Let’s be honest, most flipper users use the flipper to dick around. You know, pop Tesla charge covers, set off CVS alcohol announcements (Bonus points if you do it in a state CVS can’t sell alcohol in (Like Maryland)). You know, fun stuff. The Flipper is unfortunately recognizable (Thanks to dumpsters like TikTok). So, if we’re going to have some fun in a CVS, or a Tesla store, we need to be a bit sneaky.

NOTE: This post doesn’t cover Android, as I don’t use that.

Don’t use this post to do illegal stuff.

The Flipper iOS app supports something super handy, Shortcuts. With an Apple Shortcuts, you can remotely tell the flipper to run a .sub file. Alright, so I can fire off a transmission form my phone, so what? I can just use the flipper app. He comes the best part of using a shortcut, you don’t need to get your phone out.

The Apple watch Ultra, has a big orange button on the side1. This button (called the action button2) can be set to do a few things. Start a spot watch, start a work out, start a dive, etc. One of the options available, is to launch a shortcut. So, all you have to do, is make a basic shortcut3, that runs a sub file. Set the action button to run that. And Boom, you’re ready to rock.

Have fun ;)

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  2. The iPhone 15 Pro also has one. And can also do this. ↩︎

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