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Running on Time

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A couple days ago, I took a trip down to see some family. This was an overnight trip, about four hours1 from where I live. Normally when I travel, I pack an abundance of power. Extra chargers, cables, and a big battery pack. This time though, I decided not to bring my Apple Watch charger.I use an Apple Watch Ultra 1. So a basic overnight trip should be no big deal for it.

I started the “experiment” the night before heading out, charging up to 100%. Once it was charged, I took it off the charger2, and went to bed. Waking up, I had 95% charge. A couple hours later I headed out, sans charger. My head math said I was going to be fine, but it still felt weird.

At around the end of the day, I was down around 70ish%. With my trip almost over, I set my alarm, and went to sleep. When I got home the next day, I was at 50%.

I had a good feeling this would be the result, as I’ve gone far longer on the Ultra without topping up. But it’s one thing to do a duration test when you’re always within 50 feet3 of a charger. It feels very different, when you don’t have that option.

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  1. 175 miles, or 281 KM, for nations that haven’t walked on the moon. ↩︎

  2. I use the watch as my alarm clock. The best alarm is the one strapped to you. ↩︎

  3. 15.24 meters for nations that haven’t walked on the moon. ↩︎

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