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Over the past few days, the road outside my house has had some work done to it. What kind of work you may ask? Pot hole filling? Man hole maintenance? Painting? No to all of those. They have been replacing the road… all of it.

This started like all not fun things. A notice from the county. The notice in short said that works would begin, on or around the listed date, and that the road would not be closed during the work. It also gave instructions on how to drive (and who to listen to) while the workers are paving.

The work started with the milling. Oh god, the milling. The entire circle had the first half inch or so milled off. This process, shook the house. It wasn’t all that loud. I live under a major airway for the DC area. The planes lining up for the airport can make more noise.

After the milling, there was a few days break.1 Every now and then a sweeping truck would go by, but that was it.

A few days after that, it was time for paving. This was another house shaking process. Thankfully a quick one. I also had an idea for this. Wouldn’t it be cool to get an a top down time-lapse of it? If only I knew a commercially licensed remote pilot… oh wait, that’s me.

This is absolutely fascinating to watch. I really need to make more time-lapses of construction work.

I have gotten the chance to drive on the fresh asphalt, it was fantastic. Hopefully they finish soon. I would like to not be woken up in the morning with jackhammers.

  1. At least on my stretch ↩︎

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