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My Picky Monitor

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I’ve been using an ultra wide monitor for quite a while. And I’m at the point where I swear by them now. However, while the model I use, is pretty great, it has one issue that makes me not want to recommend it.

I use an LG UltraWide 35WN75C. On paper, it’s pretty fantastic. 3440X1440 resolution, at 100Hz with AMD FreeSync support. Two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, and USB-C as inputs. That USB-C port also serves as a dock, with two USB A 3.0 ports connected to it. This is exactly what I wanted. A big ass monitor, with a built in USB-C dock for my laptop. One cable for display, IO, and charging.

That USB-C port however, is super picky. While it works wonderfully with my M1 MacBookPro, and my FrameWork 13, it is not a big fan of my SteamDeck.

If, if the Deck is fully charged, it works fine1, if the deck is not fully charged, the monitor will crash. Yes, crash. You might think, the Deck is drawing too much power. The Deck draws up to 30w. My MacBookPro, draws more than double that, from the monitor. Without issue.

Everything I’ve read online says the type C port on it is just super picky. And that’s a shame. Because it’s a nice panel. And if the type C port worked fully, I could super easily recommend it. But I just can’t, not with that issue, and not at its price tag of $600.

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  1. Most of the time ↩︎

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