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My flight tracker is getting pretty crowded.

More Flights, Is More Blog Posts

I like to fly. You should know that if you read this blog. Seeing how I just booked four more flights, I thought I’d go over them. And the blog posts I’ll get from them.

DC -> Denver


Washington DC to Denver
↗ 18:45 EDT IAD
↘ 20:30 MDT DEN

Flight length 3 hr, 45 min



Denver to Phoenix
↗ 07:35 MDT DEN
↘ 08:30 MST PHX

Flight length 1 hr, 55 min



Phoenix to Washington DC
↗ 09:30 MST PHX
↘ 16:45 EDT IAD

Flight length 4 hr, 15 min

This trip is going to be pretty simple. Just flying out to see a friend. The blog post is going to be about those last two flights. Yep, I’ll be flying west, to go east. That’ll be interesting.

DC -> Dallas


Washington DC to Denver
↗ 07:00 EDT IAD
↘ 08:40 MDT DEN

Flight length 3 hr, 40 min



Denver to Dallas
↗ 11:00 MDT DEN
↘ 13:50 CDT DAL

Flight length 1 hr, 50 min



Dallas to Denver
↗ 12:35 CDT DAL
↘ 13:35 MDT DEN

Flight length 2 hr



Denver to Washington DC
↗ 18:50 MDT DEN
↘ 00:05 EDT IAD

Flight length 3 hr, 15 min

This is going to be an interesting trip. Not too long after getting back from Denver1, I’ll be flying back, to catch a plane to Dallas. I’ll be meeting up with family, and going to Johnson Space Center in Houston2.

My flight home will be back via Denver, and yes, you read those times right. I’ll have a five hour layover. That’ll be fun™.

I’m planning on having that be one big blog post. Covering the flight out, the trip to Johnson Space Center, and the flight back. Hopefully with plenty of photos.

That's A Lot Of Flying

Yep, it is. Flying is something I love to do, and I’m pretty excited for all this. Right after the Texas trip, I’ll be going to a Ravens game 🏈. While I am going to the airport for this, that’s just to park. I’m taking the train to the stadium. Yes, that will be a post as well.

  1. About a month after I get back. ↩︎

  2. It’s easier for me to fly to Dallas to meet up, than to fly to Houston. ↩︎

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