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Some Relaxing After Work Mini-golf

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After a long, bland day at work, I needed to relax. Why not some mini-golf. Perfect… but, none are open right now. I guess I’ll just have to bring one to my place.

Strap In

Strapping on the VR headset is a process. Fire up the PS5, grab the everything. Turn it all on, strap in, and clear the space. Something I should have done first. But after that, I was ready to golf.

The choice of course was easy. Upside downtown, a course that likes to play with the gravity on the ball.

Golfing Sideways

Golf is super boring. That’s why mini-golf exists. Mini-golf in VR, lets you get crazy. I went over that in my first VR post. For a taste of this course, just watch this clip.

The whole course is like this. The ball regularly sticks to the wall, and sometimes the ceiling. All while you stay stuck the the floor. I love it, and it’s a great experience for first time VR players.

I need to hit the ball "down" to the hole

The Score

I finished the game, with a score of 54 out of 54. Dead on the par. That’s way better than I thought I would get. And made it a really satisfying after work relaxation. I even got a hole in one on the last hole.

On par
Hope you like heights

If you have a VR setup, definitely check out Walkabout Mini Golf.

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